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Fully Automatic Box Pop up foilsheet Cartoning machine

LX-80 Fully Automatic Box Filling and Sealing Machine is high intelligence,continuous system and fully automatic wrapping and sealing machine with box orcarton. It is suitable for  plastic bag 、disposable glove and all the sheet shape items. Themax working speed can reach 80boxes/min.

Performance& Feature:
The machine hasdetection, alarm, fault display system which is compose of the sensor, photoelectricity, mechanical overload protection device. The paper box will not besupplied without material; the glue will not be sprayed without the paper box.The machine will alarm when the paper box is not in position, and will stopwhen the material is not supplied many times or overload is happed. The safeoperation can be ensured.
The machine iscontrolled by PLC and human-machine interface. Adopts the principle of chaintype moving continuously, the stability of the high-speed operation is ensured.The machine can adopt the on-line interface for user’s requirement.

The items willbe fed to conveyor belt by the feeding device through the transmissionmechanism, and then be pushed by continuous push rod. At the same time ofpushing, the items will be pressed and sent into paper boxes. The adhesive willbe sprayed and box-sealing will be finished in the specific location. Thisrunning speed of equipment can also be regulated, and make it can work with theother packing machines.
Power Supply:AC380V  60HZ   
Overall dimension:5050X2020X1750mm(L×W×H)
Max power: 4.5KW     
Speed:≤80(box per minter)    
Max box size:280×90×80mm(L×W×H)      
Min box size:150×40×40mm(L×W×H)
Available paper:≥350(G/SM)
environment temperature:25±10℃       

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